Reporting on the events and activities at the Civil Air Patrol North Carolina Wing Cadet Encampment

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Encampment Day 7: Cleanup, Pass In Review; Graduation; Out Processing and Goodbyes

The day started early, everyone was busy cleaning out their bunks, lockers and surroundings.
The cadets and seniors gathered at the grandstand to welcome the parents, cadets to Pass in Review.

The universal sentiment echoed amongst the participants (cadets, senior members and parents) is that the Encampment 2009 was a great success because of the great location and the patience and dillegence of the Marines who made personal sacrifices of their barracks, work and personal time to welcome us, make us feel at home and transfer excellent knowledge.

We have much gratitude to our gracious hosts, the Marines Corps Camp Lejeune, NC, for a positive experience.


Maj Conrad D'Cruz
2009 Encampment PAO

Friday, June 26, 2009

Instructions for parents and families attending Encampment Graduation

To all parents and family members attending 2009 Encampment graduation:

Note: Not all gate passes for vehicles were approved by Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base security for various reasons.

The graduation ceremonies (Pass and Review) will commence at 10:30 am (1030 hrs) Saturday, June 27, 2009

All attending have to be present at the Camp Lejeune MAIN GATE off Highway 24 no later than 9:00 am (0900 hrs) or you will be denied entrance to the base.

Please read the following instructions carefully and bring the items listed:

1) Valid and Current Driver's license (picture id #1)
2) A second current and valid picture id (e.g. Passport) NOTE: This is optional but if available carry a second id.
3) Valid and Current Vehicle Registration card (original) for the vehicle being driven on Base.
4) Valid and current proof of insurance for the vehicle being driven onto the Base.
5) A C.A.P. van will be at the front gate parking lot on the right hand side with the passes that were approved. Please turn right before crossing the checkpoint into that parking lot. Please check with the van first to see if your pass is with them. If not proceed into the office with all the items 1-4 listed above.

You will get directions and a map to the parade ground where the graduation ceremony will be held.

Please email with questions and we will do our best to answer them in a timely manner.

2009 Encampment Staff

Encampment Day 6: LAV, Parade practice; Swimming; DDR; Banquet

In lieu of the usual push-ups, sit-ups, flutter-kicks, PT this morning consisted of a a Wing mile run led by the executive staff and consisted of about nine loops around the PT field. After a quick breakfast the squadrons moved quickly to the next activity because it was shaping up to be a busy day.

The first visit was to the LAR (Light Armored Reconnaissance) static display. The cadets and seniors listened with rapt attention as the Marines from Echo company demonstrated the vehicle's capabilities.

The next stop was the parade ground where they practiced hard for pass and review up until lunch time. An early afternoon thunderstorm came as a mixed blessing as cadets were moved to the safety of the barracks and out of harms way. When it was safe the 9th squadron were bussed to the swimming pool for their turn, however the 10th squadron enjoyed a brief respite from their parade practice since the heat and humidity called for a black flag on base.

The entire Wing was moved to an auditorium at the Ball Center for the DDR (Drug Demand Reduction). The next thing on the agenda was for all cadets and seniors to get ready for the banquet. A late afternoon pop-up thunderstorm had just begun after the cadets reached the barracks and was threatening to ruin the party that everyone was looking forward to.

The uniform for the day was blues and the cadets used the extra time to look very sharp as they marched down to the buses which took them to the Marston Pavillion for the celebration.

There were several distinguished guests invited to the banquet and the cadets were looking very good and on their best behavior. A Grog bowl was the evening entertainment and is the traditional punishment for breaking the codes of the President of the Grog bowl or raising a toast to someone. For example, you could be sent to the bowl if you placed your elbows on the table. There are also rules on how you applaud -- You must tap your spoon on the table instead of clapping. There are several more rules that are used to maintain order during a Dining In and anyone breaking the rules were sent to the Grog bowl to partake of the brew.

The cadets, seniors and guests alike took part in the fun and had a very good time. The audience also got to see a preview of the videos, pictures and blog articles that the cadet PAOs had worked so hard to pull together during the week with guidance from the senior PAO staff.

The occasion was also a time to recognize excellence. Several awards were given out at the banquet. The results of the hard work during the week were as follows:

Honor Squadron: 10th
Honor Flight: Zulu
Honor Officer: J. Houston
Honor NCO: Riley
Honor Basic: Logel
Honor Support: Flanagan

...and finally the Spirit Flight was awarded to Yankee flight.

After the awards the banquet was declared closed and the cadets were quickly bussed back to the barracks since it was late and everyone needed to be up nice and early for the exciting events of the following day.

by C/CMSgt Micah Larson and C/CMSgt Tim Johnson with support from Capt. Paul Twiddy and Maj Conrad D'Cruz

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Encampment Day 5: Colors; Award; Challenge Coin; O-Course; EOD; Swimming; Parade Practice

The cadets were roused out of their bed as usual this morning but instead of PT, the cadets spent the time ironing uniforms and polishing boots. The highlight of the day would happen soon after the presentation of the colors at the parade ground Major General Carl B. Jensen, Commanding General Marine Corps Installations East, would formally promote C/LtCol Feinstein to C/Col. General Jensen watched as Cadet Feinstein's parents put on his epaulets and then presented the Spaatz award. General Jensen then made a strong motivational speech to all the cadets and finally presented C/Col Feinstein with his own challenge coin.

The next stop for the cadets was the Marine Obstacle course which is always an encampment highlight. The cadets had a blast tumbling, swinging and climbing on the bars, barricades, walls and ropes.

The cadets then got a real treat when the bus made an unscheduled stop at the II MEF Simulation Center. This is the deployed virtual training environment and the cadets got a feel for what happens on the battle field.

The next stop was the EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) team. The cadets got to see and play with some really cool robots. In addition they got to see the insides of a bomb disposal truck.

After lunch, the cadets returned to the barracks to split up into two teams. The 9th squadron headed out to the parade grounds for some practice while the 10th squadron went swimming. The Marine pool was a lot of fun as the Basics and Staff had fun on the diving boards and some water fights. The lifeguard helped in the fun by opening the high diving platform which was put to good use by the more experienced cadets.

The cadets then assembled back at the barracks to get into BDUs and head for chow. After chow the Basics got a Character Development training from Capt. Wuerfful and the Staff got some training from Maj Jeff Moore and Capt Brinkely Church both from the US Air Force.

After the daily flight time and hygiene time it is preparation for lights out and another busy day tomorrow.

by C/CMSgt Micah Larson and C/CMSgt Tim Johnson with support from Capt. Paul Twiddy and Maj Conrad D'Cruz

2009 Encampment PAO Team

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Encampment Day 4: Dogs, Gas Masks, C-Course; Simulators, Martial Arts; Picnic

The cadets began the day with the usual PT exercises. The day then took an interesting twist when the Cadet Executive Staff, appeared at the opening formation to give the announcements and briefings wearing yarmulke instead of the usual staff covers. To the surprise of all the Basics, the announcements, except for the names of the Honor Flight - Zulu and Duty Flight - Yankee, were all made in Hebrew by C/LtCol Feinstein. This was a light hearted joke by the cadet staff.

The activities planned for the day were awesome. The first trip was to the Military Working Dogs demonstration put on by the Marines. The handlers showed off their dogs and made them perform several tricks for their CAP audience.

Next on agenda was a visit to the Nuclear Biological Chemical facility where the Marines taught the cadets all about gas masks.

The cadets really enjoyed the next stop: The Confidence Course. The trail at Camp Lejeune is approximately 3/4 mile long. Scattered along the course are walls, ditches, creeks, and tires. Each flight had to run the course and the objective was to get the cadets to work as a team to maneuver the obstacles, get themselves tired tearing through the woods and end up nice and dirty. Mission Accomplished!!

At noon it was time to get the hungry cadets to lunch after which the fun activities got even better. Next up on the agenda was a trip to the Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainer (ISMT) where the cadets got an instructor led demonstration of the various rifles used by the Marines. The rifle range was actually a dark room with Virtual Reality (VR) screens on the front wall with a surround sound audio system on the back wall. The cadets got to handle various models of rifles and rocket launchers and knock out simulated targets on the VR screens. Each cadet got a chance to sit or lay behind a gun and try to shoot "bad guys" but not hurt themselves or each other (much to the relief of the cadet and senior staff). This was one of the best attractions of the encampment for the Basics.

While one squadron was enjoying blowing up 2-Dimensional tanks the other squadron was out at the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program field learning self defense from the Marine Martial Arts instructor. He taught them ten different moves and various endurance exercises.

The cadets returned to the barracks long enough to get out of their BDUs and change into civilian attire. They were driven to a park on the sound for a mid-week cookout and picnic. Our friends from the US Air Force and the US Navy cooked up some of the best burgers and hot dogs which were complemented by a lot of treats and drinks. The activities included games, tossing of frisbees, good natured fights by the boys and of course staff impressions by the Basics.

The cadets then had to get their uniforms ready for early morning presenting of honors to the colors with a Major General officiating.

by C/CMSgt Micah Larson and C/CMSgt Tim Johnson with support from Capt. Paul Twiddy and Maj Conrad D'Cruz

2009 Encampment PAO Team

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Encampment Day 3: M1A1 Abrams tanks static display, Land Nav Course

After a short refreshing PT routine and a hurried freshening up, we left for the mess hall for breakfast. The first of two attractions today was the stop at the 2 Maintenance battalion. The Marines opened up two M1A1 Abrams tanks for Civil Air Patrol members. They allowed us to climb all over the big tanks as the Marines described the functions and operations of the tanks. The cadets also got to climb down into the hatches something that the senior members could not do and it had nothing to do with security clearances! The Marines were very patient as they answered the numerous questions from the cadets and seniors.

After the tank static display, the group headed to the Land Navigation Course. There a group of Marines who are experts in Land Navigation. The cadets and seniors were divided into two classrooms and the Marine instructors went over the basics of land navigation and went over numerous exercises to read maps, and grid lines.

After a quick lunch at the mess hall, everyone rushed back to the Land Navigation course for a final briefing and a practical exercise in land navigation through the dense woods at Camp Lejeune. Fortunately no one was seriously lost during this adventure. The Basics were safe but slightly muddied from the exercise and were transported to dinner at the mess hall.

During flight time outside the mess hall, the cadets got to wish Happy Birthday to C/Capt. Joseph Houston and Mrs Laura Moore and Maj Jeff Moore treated the cadets and seniors to birthday cookies.

The rest of the evening was spent on uniforms, boot shining, hygiene and other CAP chores.
The staff also got to enjoy some home made brownies courtesy of the famed encampment chef, Mrs Kathy Kier.

The cadets and seniors are ready to retire for the night but eager to see what attractions the next day will bring.

by C/CMSgt Micah Larson and C/CMSgt Tim Johnson with support from Capt. Paul Twiddy and Maj Conrad D'Cruz

Monday, June 22, 2009

Encampment Day 2: Group pictures, Simulators, V-22 Osprey flight line, Crash Flight Rescue

Today we were all on the go non-stop, soaking in all the Marines could show us in 6 short hours. At 0900 after morning breakfast, we returned to the helicopter museum at MCAS New River. There, in front of the CH-46 Sea Knight, we took encampment pictures of the flights, squadrons, TACS, cadet and senior staff.

After that we went over to MATSS (Marine Aviation Training System Site), where the Operations Coordinator, Mrs. Crystal Mabe provided an overview of the site operations and the variety of simulators they have for flight readiness training for pilots. She was assisted by a great team of pilots, and simulator operators who gave all of us an overview of the CH46, Huey UH-1N and the V-22 Osprey. Some of us even got to sit at the controls and shoot down the bad guys.

We then took a welcome break for lunch at the MCAS New River mess hall. After that we proceeded to the Marine V-22 Osprey flight line. We were allowed to walk through am aircraft on the flight line and see several other Ospreys and Hueys on the ramp.

We were then shuttled over to the Crash and Fire Rescue group on the ramp which was right next door to the tarmac where we toured the T-6 Texan II yesterday. MSgt Lavoie and his team introduced us to the tools and techniques used by his teams for various emergencies including structural firefighting, Hazmat, First Aid, vehicle extraction, Decon and first responder procedures. The grand finale of the afternoon was a live demo of a simulated vehicle crash extraction procedure. The Marine team rescued a crash test dummy with precision and speed that had us all enthralled.

We returned to Camp Lejeune at 1730 hrs for dinner after which the cadets held flight time at the barracks while the senior and cadet staff held their day end meetings.

It is now 2200 hrs and it is time for lights out and much needed sleep before we get started on Day 3 activities, which we hear is going to be even more exciting.

by C/CMSgt Micah Larson and C/CMSgt Tim Johnson with support from Capt. Paul Twiddy and Maj Conrad D'Cruz

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Encampment Day 1: Tour of the USAF T-6 Texan II at MCAS New River

Today was officially the first day of encampment. Early this morning, the cadets were roused by staff and directed outside for morning PT. The exercise, which consisted of push-ups, sit-ups, flutter-kicks, sun-gods, and various stretches, was designed to be challenging, yet not difficult. The cadets then cleaned up and changed into BDU’s for some drill and breakfast. When they had finished eating, the Basics were marched into buses to be ferried over to the theater for a safety briefing and various other classes. Religious services were provided for the cadets who wishedto attend, and once they were over, they climbed aboard the buses to ride to the day’s special activity.

Today we visited MCAS New River to tour a USAF T-6 turbo prop training aircraft that was flown up from Columbus, MS by two former North Carolina CAP cadets who are now serving in the USAF. Maj. Joe Rucker is a former Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron and Tar River Composite Squadron cadet and Capt. Ken Dixon is a former Ashville Composite Squadron cadet. Maj. Rucker is also a former Spaatz cadet.

Although it took a while to get every flight a chance to tour the aircraft, everyone got a turn by flight time and dinner.

At 1830, the cadets returned to the barracks for some more flight time and hygiene time.

By 2100 the weary Basics were put to bed where they will recharge for Day 2 of the Encampment.

by C/CMSgt Micah Larson and C/CMSgt Tim Johnson with support from Capt. Paul Twiddy and Maj Conrad D'Cruz

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Encampment Day 0: The arrival of the Basics

The day began with a staff briefing where the Cadet and Senior staff learned the "hows and whats" that would make up Day 0 of encampment.

After a visit to the mess hall for breakfast, the executive officers stepped the rest of the staff through the opening formation.

Then it was off to the main gate to meet the Basics. The support staff officers and a few of the senior staff greeted the basic cadets and their parents.

Once they had said their goodbyes to family, and signed in, the cadetswere ushered to the buses where they met the 1st sergeants.

A few minutes later
which seemed like hours the big white bus pulled up at the barracks, and out poured the wild-eyed, confused but excited Basics who were warmly greeted by a hospitable line staff.

The Basics had gotten their first taste of Encampment.

The Basics, after being sorted out into their various flights, were led outside for opening formation. The welcome speech, which was given by Cadet Major Kier, completed the opening formation. This was then followed by a half-hour of flight time, after which, the cadets were marched to chow.

After chow it was back to the barracks for Operational Risk Management training, conducted by Encampment Safety Officer Captain Dan McCollum. Proper safety precautions were observed because of the extreme heat and humidity.

The cadets then changed into PT gear for some leisure time.

A very energized but tired group is now preparing to turn in for the night.

by C/CMSgt Micah Larson and C/CMSgt Tim Johnson with support from Capt. Paul Twiddy and Maj Conrad D'Cruz

2009 Encampment Senior Member Chain of Command

Encampment Commander: Major Linwood Dabney

Commandant of Cadets: Major Andy Wiggs

Executive Officer: Lieutenant Colonel Albert Therriault
Finance Officer: Lieutenant Colonel Leslie Ingram
Administrative Officer: First Lieutenant Kathy Gaddy
Transportation Officer: Major Mary Fleagle
Communications Officer: Major Michael Starr
Logistics Officer: First Lieutenant Mark Wuerfful
Assistant Logistics Officer: First Lieutenant Dan Walker
Chaplain: Major Edward Fleagle
Public Affairs Officer: Major Conrad D'Cruz
Assistant Public Affairs Officer (Technology Guru): Captain Paul Twiddy
Medical Officer: First Lieutenant Mauro Capobianco
Safety Officer: Captain Dan McCollum

Chief TAC Officer: First Lieutenant Casey Cole

TAC Officers:

  • Lieutenant Colonel Janon Ellis - 9th CTS
  • First Lieutenant Toni Ali - Uniform
  • First Lieutenant Fred Draper - Victor
  • Second Lieutenant Terry Beck - Whiskey
  • Second Lieutenant Jacob Summey - 10th CTS
  • First Lieutenant Joseph French - Xray
  • Major Karl Katterjohn - Yankee
  • Captain Terri Zobel - Zulu

Your 2009 Cadet Encampment PAO Staff

C/CMSgt Micah Larson (Cadet PAO)

C/CMSgt Tim Johnson (Cadet PAO)

Capt. Paul W Twiddy (Asst. PAO)

Maj. Conrad F. D'Cruz (PAO)


Friday, June 19, 2009

Move in day for Cadet and Senior Staff

At 1600, cadet staff start arriving at Camp LeJeune. When they got to the barracks, they
encountered a problem. Apparently Marines that were about to be shipped out overseas had moved into our barracks, and because of this, encampment would have to be postponed or even cancelled within half an hour. However, due to the diligent work of the Civil Air Patrol senior members, the chain of command was followed all the way up to the Executive Officer, which told us that we were promised the barracks for the week, and that we will get nothing less. With that mess finally straitened out, the Cadet staff began preparing for basics. From arranging bunks to preparing PT shirts, everyone was busy making sure that all was ready for the anticipated arrival. A few basics who had been compelled to catch a ride with staff, were put to work carrying in equipment and obeying any of the senior staff's whims. Encampment is getting off to a great start.

First Encampment 2009 formation

Maj. Dabney and Maj. Wiggs addressing the cadet staff at first formation


Moving in!!!

Still moving in!!

Maj. Dabney holds his first Senior Staff meeting